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Privacy Policy

Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Medical and Health Information Center respects your privacy and personal data, and is committed to protecting it at all times.

User personal information:

When registering at Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center, agreeing to answer questionnaires, filling out forms on the site, subscribing to Dr. Walid Al-Hazim’s paid services or others, personal information may be requested from you that may include (and not be limited to):

Name, age, gender, email, job, education, health information such as symptoms, illnesses and other information.
You may be asked for some additional information, such as payment information and phone number, when using Dr. Walid Al-Hazim’s paid services.
Why do we collect this information?

After collecting your personal information, we may use it at Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center for the following purposes:

Your registration on the programs and services you requested.
Answer your emails, requests, or questions online.
Submit your requested information Send and process surveys.
Ensure that the Dr. Walid Al Hazim Center website is closely related to your needs.
To know and display the topics and content that interest you without others and thus improve your experience on the Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center website to improve the level of Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center services by knowing your opinion about them to provide more new services according to your needs to send periodic emails to communicate with you and inform you of the latest news and developments of the Center Dr. Walid Al-Hazim, such as newsletters, events or meetings.
Inform you about special offers for new products or services, updates, and other relevant information. Some of this information that you share with us may be used for research purposes and studies, but your personal information will be treated anonymously.
When we hire companies or suppliers to deliver emails to you on our behalf, it is under an agreement that prevents your email from being used for any other purpose.
When you sign up for newsletters, meetings, events and events, or personal health services, you always have the right to opt out.
To unsubscribe from these applications, please go to your personal account information with the encyclopedia and edit it.
Information Security

Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center implements security measures to protect information from unauthorized access, amendment without authorization, disclosure, or sabotage. We restrict access to personal information to Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center partners who may need to know this information in order to operate, develop or improve the services we provide. These individuals are bound by obligations of confidentiality and may be subject to disciplinary action if they fail to fulfill these obligations.

Tracking activity on Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center on the Internet We track how our site is used by visitors, whether they are anonymous or interact with it. One of the ways we track this is by using browser logs or cookies, which is a small file or piece of text on the site’s user’s computer or computer, which is used to help surf the web. This technology helps us to understand and define your preferences in order to improve your experience on the Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center website.

For users who do not wish to create long-term cookies, they must have the option to disable the functionality of these cookies, by disabling this function on their web browser.

See below for more information about Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, to help us analyze and understand website visitors. No personal data is collected for users through this service.

payment information

Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center does not store, sell, exchange or rent any credit card details or personally identifiable information to any third party.

The policies, terms and conditions of Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center may be changed or updated from time to time to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore customers are encouraged to visit these sections from time to time to stay informed of updates or changes.

Modifications will be effective the day they are posted. Some of the ads you see on the site are selected and delivered by third parties, such as ad networks, advertising agencies, advertisers, and audience segment providers.

These third parties can collect information about you and your activities on the Internet, whether on the site or on other sites, through cookies, network settings, and other technologies in an effort to understand your interests and provide advertisements that are specially designed for you. Please be aware that we cannot access or control this information that these third parties may collect. This Privacy Policy does not cover the information these third parties collect.

List of ethical principles

Dr. Walid Al-Hazim Center website is a site concerned with disseminating medical information to users through various pages of the site (medical news, medical dictionary, medical questions and answers, medical articles, medical pictures, videos, medical guides, direct) and any other pages that include articles and / Or medical or user reviews.

The list of ethical principles is an agreement between all users and the team monitoring the site, so that the users are (doctors, editors who write for the site, users, whether they are doctors or non-doctors, and those who browse the site, pharmacists and in general everyone who has a relationship with the site by way of work or use) They give the absolute right to the site team to modify, remove, delete user-submitted content in any of the following cases:

The presence of any direct or indirect harm to a person, company, group of people, or group of companies.
The presence of any images or content that violates the general morals agreed upon by law, for example, but not limited to (non-medical) pictures, promotion of any website or materials that violate the law and public morals.
The presence in the content of what stirs up strife and strife, and addressing ethnic, religious and / or political issues that would move away from the website’s goal of publishing medical information, and this includes promoting mixtures called magic and / or non-scientific matters, with the exception of alternative medicine and medicine Al-Nabawi (and the team has the right to verify the content before announcing it).
The presence in the content of materials that would promote the commercial promotion of a specific type, trademark, or class of drugs, especially when the doctor has a direct and / or indirect commercial relationship with the company that promotes it or its product, and the applicant for publication must announce any commercial relationship with any company.
A clear statement that the content was stolen from a website or book without attribution. – There is a clear and legally proven infringement of the rights of another company, or the intellectual property rights of others.
The presence of opinions on the content that harm the reputation of the company without verification and without scientific or legal proof.
The follow-up team has the right to apply this regulation to the content in one of the following ways:

Partial deletion.
Announcement of a case (such as announcing a business relationship between the publisher and the reason for his advice).
Not publishing.
Request for amendment.

This regulation is an integral part of the use and confidentiality agreement, and it is binding on all users.

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